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Heritage Connect
The Heritage Connect website is a Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) project (2009-2010) funded in partnership by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the City of Lincoln Council (CofLC) , and developed in collaboration with English Heritage. The website itself was produced by A Recipe for Success Ltd (ARFS) in partnership with the Business Development and Heritage Teams at City of Lincoln Council. Audio-visual materials was produced by Dragoman Sound Guides Ltd.
The website provides a complementary educational initiative for the THI that has been extended beyond the Lincoln THI area in the city centre to display information on the inherited character of the whole city.
The Heritage Connect website development was managed by Adam Partington (CofLC). Throughout the development of the website the project has benefited from contributions from the following people: Jeff Hume, Martin Galpin and Lashelle Reed (ARFS); David Walsh (English Heritage); Kevin Galjaard and Andrew Beeken, Luke Wilkins (IT and Business Development, CofLC); Stephen Davies (Dragoman Sound Guides); Arthur Ward, Sammy Pengelly, John Herridge, Mick Jones, Betty Cooper and Yvonne Rose (Heritage Team, CofLC); Chris Dunbar, Caroline Ashman, and Simon Burgess (Communications, CofLC); Rick Whitlam, Gill Wilson, Glyn Stocker and Pete Boswell (Planning Department, CofLC); Mandy Ramm (Economic Regeneration, CofLC); David Stocker and Graham Fairclough (English Heritage); and Jeremy Fenn (Heritage Lottery Fund).
The website partners are also grateful to Lincolnshire County Council for allowing the use of many historic images featured in the site, and are indebted to the family of the late David Vale MBE for the use of his superb reconstruction drawings of the city.  
The Lincoln Townscape Assessment (LTA)
The Heritage Connect website is the gateway for the Lincoln Townscape Assessment (2005-2009), a project funded in partnership by English Heritage and the City of Lincoln Council to develop a new methodology for urban characterisation and assess the townscape character of Lincoln.
The LTA was managed by David Walsh (now with English Heritage). The Project Officers were Adam Partington (2007-2009) and Marianna Gilbert (2006-2007). Helen Blenkharn (Landscape Officer, CofLC) also made a considerable contribution to the character assessment. The Project Group (Graham Fairclough, David Stocker, Clive Fletcher (English Heritage), Gill Wilson (also project financial manager), Arthur Ward, and Glyn Stocker (CofLC)) provided invaluable advice and guidance throughout the project. The members of the LTA Stakeholder Group made an important contribution to the development of the methodology.
The following City of Lincoln Council colleagues (past and present) also made important contributions to the LTA: John Latham, Pete Boswell, John Herridge, Mick Jones, Liz Mayle, Tara Pearson, Yvonne Rose, Paul Seddon, Simon Cousins, Keiran Manning, Mark Foster, Pete Harness, Rick Whitlam, Jessica Morris, Gill Featherstone, Fraser Trickett, Alex Bridgewood, Jon Fox, Jo Berry, Hannah Wyld, Toby Forbes-Turner, Charlotte Robinson, Suzanne Roberts, Chris Emeny, Tom Greenhalgh, Rob Smith, Matt Brandon, Amanda Jones and Paul Carrick.
The following people also provided valuable advice: Andy Lines and Dan Ratcliffe (South Yorks Archaeology Service), the Characterisation Team (English Heritage), Pete Smith (English Heritage), and Sarah Grundy (Lincolnshire County Council).
Special thanks go to John East, Sandra Donnor, Sylvia Turner, Ken Chester and others of the Monks Road Neighbourhood Initiative, Les Osborne and colleagues at the Monks Road History Group, and residents of the Monk's Road community and St. Giles who participated in consultation workshops for their Character Areas.
The Lincoln Heritage Database and The Lincoln Archaeological Research Assessment
The Heritage Connect website also includes detailed information about Lincoln’s heritage from the following partnership projects by English Heritage and the City of Lincoln Council:
§   The Heritage Database [1993 – ongoing], developed by Alan Vince, Paul Miles, Mickey Doré, John Herridge, Dominic Powlesland and colleagues
§   The Lincoln Archaeological Research Assessment [2000-2003], by David Stocker, Mick Jones, Alan Vince, Dominic Powlesland, and John Herridge
Ecological survey information was provided by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust in collaboration with the City of Lincoln Council Planning Policy Team.