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What Is A Character Area?

The city is divided up into a total of 108 distinct ‘Character Areas’, with each area representing a different ‘place’ in Lincoln. Every area is different, and when moving from one area to another the character of place changes in some way.
Map of the 108 Character Areas of Lincoln
108 Character Areas of Lincoln
But what is it that makes one ‘place’ in the city different from another? There are many things that contribute to a place such as the style of buildings, the pattern of roads and streets, and the history of how it has developed over time. By looking at the historical development of an area, recording its fabric, and understanding its use, it is possible to define its character and what makes it different from other areas. Each of the 108 Character Areas has been surveyed according to their historical development, urban form and use. In every case, Character Areas have been defined by what you can see or touch in the townscape or landscape.
 Funnelled views towards the city centre from the east end of Eastgate, crowned by the Cathedral towers  Two-storey terraced houses on Scorer Street with bay windows on the ground floor of the properties; a low wall separates the properties from the path in front.
Contrasting townscapes of Eastgate Character Area in the upper city (left) and Sincil Dyke West Character Area
in the south of the city (right)
Everyone has their own understanding of what makes a ‘place’. How a person perceives a place is individual to them. The memories and feelings we have about the places we have visited or lived in are as important in our experience of character as the buildings, streets and spaces that make-up an area. For this reason you can share comments and memories you have about the different Character Areas of the city. Select ‘What People Think’ from the menu in any Character Area to see other people’s comments or memories, and leave some of your own. You can also upload photographs in the ‘Maps and Photos’ section of each Character Area, giving other visitors and residents an insight into the character of an area.