Bracebridge Heath and Waddington Escarpment Character Area


Bracebridge Heath and Waddington Escarpment Character Area comprises open agricultural land to the south of the City of Lincoln. The area lies between the settlements of Bracebridge Heath and Waddington, and includes the full height of the west facing escarpment slope that forms the edge of the Lincolnshire limestone ridge, which runs the full length of the county.
The area is under both pastoral and arable regimes depending on the gradient of the slope. Cultivation occurs at the shallower gradients of the summit and base of the slope with rough grassland for pasture on the steeper central slope itself. Fields are bordered by hedgerows and trees, typical of the quick set hedges used at the time of enclosure in the early 19th century, and many are overgrown.
There are two small light industrial compounds within the area, one north of Station Road in Waddington, and the second to the east of Bracebridge. There are a few other buildings in the area, and these include three houses located along Grantham Road at the top of the slope. At the north end of the Character Area, former fields are in use as a school playing field and part of the area is undergoing re-development.
There are several linked footpaths across the Character Area, including the Viking Way long-distance footpath, and the area is regularly used for recreational pursuits. With no highways and a low building density, much of the area is quiet and tranquil throughout the day
Lying between development at the base and summit of the escarpment, the area is part of a green wedge connecting built up areas in the south of Lincoln with the city’s rural hinterland. At the city boundary, the area joins with the open space of South Common, and forms part of an undeveloped belt of open land around the south of Lincoln. Consequently, open space within the Character Area forms part of the rural foreground to historic views of the Cathedral city from the south, and an undeveloped backdrop to built-up areas lying at the base of the Witham valley when seen from the north.
The Character Area shares in the ‘Waddington and Bracebridge Heath Green Wedge’ designated Area of Great Landscape Value.
Easterly views looking across the Witham valley floor towards the escarpment slope

Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.186808, -0.543917)
Character Area Type: Agricultural
Location: Rural hinterland
Predominant Period: Early Industrial (1750 to 1845 AD)
Secondary Period: Early Industrial (1750 to 1845 AD)
Average Building Type: Detached
Average Building Density: Very Low