Broadway Character Area (view detailed map) is an entirely residential suburb located in the north of the city between two radial roads, Newport and Nettleham Road. The majority of the Character Area consists of a single coherent residential development along Broadway and Bruce Road, but several cul-de-sacs, mainly in the south of the area, are composed of several build units of a few or single individually styled houses. The centre of the area consists of the large cemetery of St. Nicholas’ Church.

Elements of the area’s former open agricultural character, such as field boundaries associated with the enclosure of land during the Early Industrial period, have survived in the current townscape, notably in the orientation of streets and houses. Construction of residential housing began in the Early Industrial period and continued throughout the Post-Railway expansion period. During the Late Victorian/Edwardian period and early on in the Inter-war period, residential development began to occur along small cul-de-sacs off Newport and Nettleham Road. The majority of housing in the area was planned towards the end of the Inter-war period, though not actually built until soon after the end of the Second World War. During the Modern period apartment blocks along Williamson Street replaced the rows of Late Victorian/Edwardian terraced houses.

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View of detached properties within Broadway character area

Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.24122, -0.533)
Character Area Type: Residential
Location: Inner suburbs
Predominant Period: Post-war (1946 to 1966 AD)
Secondary Period: Inter-war (1920 to 1945 AD)
Average Building Type: Detached
Average Building Density: Medium