The Castle Character Area (view detailed map) incorporates Lincoln Castle, a landmark building located in a strategic position at the top of the north escarpment, and a number of buildings lying outside of the main walls that fall under the influence of the Castle. The area is part of the core of the upper city, which, alongside neighbouring areas, forms part of an identifiable neighbourhood on the north escarpment, the townscape character of which is strongly influenced by developments spanning the full history of Lincoln.

Castle Character Area is dominated by the upstanding fortifications of Lincoln Castle. Although well established by the 12th century, the Castle has a complex structural history spanning almost 2000 years, reflecting the socio-political history of the city since the Roman era. The enduring functions of the Castle are apparent in both the architecture and use of buildings within the walls, and in the Castle itself. Outside of the curtain wall, the townscape is a result of the encroachment of surrounding settlement on the fortifications, and later, the realisation of the cultural value of one of Lincoln’s most iconic historic assets.

Buildings and open space within the Character Area are used for a wide variety of purposes. The Castle is a key tourist attraction and event space, but continues to house the functioning County Courts. Properties outside of the Character Area are a mixture of residential and commercial buildings. Car parks around the periphery of the Castle serve both local and visiting populations.

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East gate of Lincoln Castle showing cobbled area in front.

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Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.235, -0.541)
Character Area Type: Civic
Location: City centre
Predominant Period: Early Modern (1350 to 1750 AD)
Secondary Period: Late Victorian/Edwardian (1869 to 1919 AD)
Average Building Type: Detached
Average Building Density: Low