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Choose a tab below to see Maps, Photos or Townscape Layers for the Character Area in which you are in. Click on a thumbnail to see full size images. A series of historic maps for the area you are in are available from as early as 1842 or 1888. Look for the date of each map in the top right hand corner of each image. Townscape Layers illustrate specific characteristics of an area, such as nearby open spaces, streets and paths, and the positon of buildings along streets. There are many photos and images for each character area, and what's more you can upload your own pictures of this Character Area at the bottom of the page.

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Want to share your experiences of this Character Area? Upload your own photos of times gone by using the upload tool below. Use the description box to describe the photo as accurately as you can. Relevant information such as a street name, the date, and for what reason it was taken is particularly useful! All images are screened by a member of City of Lincoln Council staff prior to be being published on the website.

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