Elizabeth Avenue


Elizabeth Avenue Housing Estate Character Area lies west of the River Witham on the south-eastern fringe of North Hykeham. Generally low lying in nature, the area slopes gently to the east, where a number of properties overlook the banks of the original course of the River Witham.
The Character Area includes part of North Hykeham’s historic village core around Middle Street, Cross Lane and Water Lane, as well as a series of later housing developments dating to the Inter-war period [1920 – 1945 AD] onwards, which have expended away from the settlement centre. The mixture of 19th century properties surrounded by later residential development during the 20th century is a key character of the area.
The historic core of North Hykeham comprises Early Industrial [1750 – 1845 AD] to Late Victorian/Edwardian [1869 – 1919 AD] period development infilled with more modern properties. All the properties are individual in style, representing a series of bespoke earlier developments and individual 20th century infill. The remainder of the Character Area consists of several development units constructed mainly during the Inter-war [1920 – 1945 AD] to the Modern [1967 – Present day] periods. Each of the residential developments is made up of a number of individual build units identified by consistencies in the style, form and scale of buildings.
Open space within the Character Area is limited to grass verges, although there is access to surrounding rural areas for recreation. Views out to the Witham Valley and the rural areas bordering the south are frequent from the southeast sections of the Character Area.
This area forms the gateway into North Hykeham, from the Witham valley, with a distinct transition from rural to urban, with North Hykeham in its entirety forming a suburb of Lincoln.
View along Meadow Lane

Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.179867, -0.584791)
Character Area Type: Residential
Location: Outer suburbs
Predominant Period: Modern (1967 to Current day)
Secondary Period: Inter-war (1920 to 1945 AD)
Average Building Type: Mixed
Average Building Density: High