Fossdyke North


Fossdyke North Character Area (view detailed map) is predominantly a residential townscape lying on the west side of Lincoln between the Fossdyke and Carholme Road, the main western entrance to the city. Much of the townscape consists of modern residential development, although a large-scale industrial site is located in the far west of the Character Area.

The majority of the area consists of a medium-to-high density of modern residential housing including a private development of terraced houses and bungalows, as well as a number of earlier public apartment blocks and rows of houses. Housing developments correspond to areas of previously undeveloped land or plots formerly occupied by early Victorian terraced housing or industry. Modern housing is arranged within a series of small irregular urban blocks defined by a curvilinear pattern of unconnected cul-de-sacs, which is poorly connected to Carholme Road.

The form and style of modern residential housing vary between developments; however, within build units, buildings are coherent in form and scale.  Public housing around Carr Street is highly coherent in character and consists of three-storey apartment blocks laid out in a loose geometric pattern within communal grassed areas and car parking, and short rows of two-storey houses. Buildings are constructed of brick and are plain in style.
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Mixture of bungalows and houses with timber cladding used at first- and second-floor height in many places. The windows are uPVC casements and are mostly horizontal in orientation, and relatively small. Doors are located on the front fa├žade, except on som

Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.232, -0.55728)
Character Area Type: Residential
Location: Outer suburbs
Predominant Period: Modern (1967 to Current day)
Secondary Period: Mixed
Average Building Type: Mixed
Average Building Density: Medium