Greetwell Quarry


The Greetwell Quarry Character Area (view detailed map) is a large area of land that has been used for mining and quarrying until as recently as 2003. This industrial scale activity has had a massive impact on the character of the area and the physical landscape. However, since the end of quarrying the area has began to take on a new character and a new function, one that it is being influenced by the natural regeneration of the landscape and the range of new developments that are taking place along its northern and north-eastern boundaries. Greetwell Hollow, where mining ceased over a hundred years ago, is much further along this process than Greetwell Quarry. The Quarry, although currently wasteland, is increasingly being used for informal recreation and being gradually integrated into neighbouring residential areas both for the views that it offers and the recreational opportunities it provides.

Over the last hundred years the City has expanded to the point where urban uses, including retail, residential and industrial, have encroached on the boundaries of the Character Area and brought it to within the periphery of the City. At the time when mining and quarrying began, the area would have been a rural landscape similar to that exiting to the east.
The current relationship between the quarry and surrounding areas is in the process of changing. Access routes have been provided from the new housing developments into the paths that circle the quarry, thus better integrating it into the urban fabric, giving it more of an open space and recreational value.
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Views dominated by large-scale exposed quarry face to the east of the Character Area

Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.23824, -0.49955)
Character Area Type: Extraction
Location: City fringe
Predominant Period: Modern (1967 to Current day)
Secondary Period: Mixed
Average Building Type: N/A
Average Building Density: Very Low