Meadow Way


Meadow Way Housing Character Area is located to the south of Bracebridge Heath village towards the crest of the escarpment slope to the south of the city of Lincoln. It lies between Grantham Road to the west and Sleaford Road to the east, which converge immediately north of the area. The area comprises residential development broadly divisible into three main development units.
Although the site is bounded by Roman roads, this era leaves little other impact on the area. Inter-war [1920-1945 AD] and Post-war [1946-1966 AD] period developments have overwritten most of the previous agricultural character of the area, although some 18th/19th century enclosure field boundaries can still be traced.
The style, form and size of buildings varies across the Character Area, but are more coherent within each development unit. The area is entirely residential in use, with no commercial or public buildings. There are no landmark buildings, and few open spaces in the area other than private gardens. There are wide open rural views from the south of the Character Area out over agricultural land and there are occasional glimpse views of landmark buildings lying outside of the area.
Distinctive property style with semi circular false window lintels and porches on Meadow Way

Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.190022, -0.530415)
Character Area Type: Residential
Location: Outer suburbs
Predominant Period: Modern (1967 to Current day)
Secondary Period: Inter-war (1920 to 1945 AD)
Average Building Type: Detached
Average Building Density: Medium