Milman Road to Frederick Street


The Milman Road to Frederick Street Character Area (view detailed map) is bounded by Monks Road to the south and Milman Road to the west. The eastern boundary is formed by the rear of the properties on the east side of Frederick Street. The northern boundary is the footpath just to the north of all the streets between Milman Road and Frederick Street. The area includes all the streets between Milman Road and Frederick Street, and the north side of Monks Road between these two streets.

The steep slope up from Monks Road is an important characteristic, which creates a rising vertical rhythm of repeated building details along the streets, e.g. chimneys in the roofscape. It also provides good views of the south escarpment.

The character of the present townscape reflects its origins in the Late Victorian/ Edwardian period. Buildings in the area date almost exclusively from between 1904 and 1913 when the area was laid out on what had formerly been enclosed agricultural fields. All of this land would have originally belonged to the Monks Abbey estate although the citizens of Lincoln held grazing rights at certain times of the year. This represents the tail end of a period of dramatic growth for Lincoln during the Victorian/Edwardian period, following the Post-Medieval decline of the city, which led to the establishment of the residential, industrial and commercial areas to the east of the city.

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View looking north up Horton Street from Monks Road. There are a series of terraced houses both sides of the road with a stepped roofline.

Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.23122, -0.52015)
Character Area Type: Residential
Location: Inner suburbs
Predominant Period: Late Victorian/Edwardian (1869 to 1919 AD)
Secondary Period: Inter-war (1920 to 1945 AD)
Average Building Type: Terraced
Average Building Density: High