Moorland Character Area (view detailed map) is a mainly residential suburban area with most of the current townscape dating from the Inter-War [1919-1945] and Post-War [1946-1966] Periods. Landscape elements from the nineteenth century or earlier are still visible in the townscape and include the Pike Drain, the boundary of a pre-1886 gravel pit and a long footpath on the line of what is now Moorland Avenue. Several earlier field boundaries have had a strong influence on the current geometric street pattern. The housing in the Character Area is mainly two storey semi-detached houses and rows of four houses, mostly of red-brick with some harled. The housing has a consistent architectural style of fairly steep pantile roofs and deep eaves, small windows, arched alleyways and coarse moulded lintels which shows a connection with the Arts and Crafts style, seen in Lincoln in the nearby Swanpool Garden Suburb. There is a good sense of enclosure, for suburban streets, from the continuous building line, repeating building rhythms and regular lines of mature trees planted along the verges. The large, long urban blocks limit pedestrian permeability in many areas although there is good road access north and south via Moorland Avenue and Rookery Lane.

The first housing development in the Character Area took place on what had previously been enclosed fields. Between 1907 and 1938, during the Inter-War Period, Prial Avenue, 38 – 106 Westwick Drive, Usher Green, Usher Avenue and Highfield Avenue were laid out and houses built. The bridge carrying Rookery Lane over the Pike Drain was re-constructed in 1920.
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View along Westwick Gardens with many rows of four houses that are typical in this Character Area, both in red brick and grey harling.

Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.20656, -0.56894)
Character Area Type: Residential
Location: Outer suburbs
Predominant Period: Inter-war (1920 to 1945 AD)
Secondary Period: Post-war (1946 to 1966 AD)
Average Building Type: Terraced
Average Building Density: Medium