North Hykeham Fields


North Hykeham Fields Character Area is predominantly an area of open agricultural land extending outwards from the south and southwest fringes of the town of North Hykeham. The topography is generally level with a slight slope down towards the River Witham to the east of the area.
The area retains elements of its historic past including the Fosse Way Roman road [60-90 AD], ridge and furrow earthworks of the High Medieval Era [750-1350 AD] and Early Industrial Period [1750-1845 AD] enclosure field boundaries. An 18th century farm also survives from the period of enclosure.
In addition to its largely agricultural character, the area also contains two residential developments and commercial properties, as well as a service area just off the A46, a cemetery and a sewage works.
Open land in the area forms part of a green wedge that separates North Hykeham from South Hykeham. There are views out from the east of the area to the limestone escarpment and long-ranging views within much of the Character Area. Mature planting along road verges often leads to short-ranging linear views in rural areas (e.g. along Boundary Lane).
View of North Hykeham Fields from Long Lane

Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.175918, -0.60734)
Character Area Type: Agricultural
Location: Rural hinterland
Predominant Period: Early Industrial (1750 to 1845 AD)
Secondary Period: Modern (1967 to Current day)
Average Building Type: Semi-detached
Average Building Density: Very Low