Sincil Street


Sincil Street Character Area (view detailed map) is a busy commercial area and public space in the city centre, including City Square and Lincoln’s only daily markets, alongside a high proportion of independent businesses. The area is a busy thoroughfare in the city centre connecting High Street with Melville Street, Lincoln’s markets, and the Bus Station complex, including the Post Office.

The area has long formed a key element of Lincoln’s commercial core since the Post-Railway Expansion Period, and its current townscape illustrates changing waterside development from the High Medieval Era to the modern day. A plethora of historic features, including remnants of the former medieval riverside urban footprint, standing High-Medieval timber-framed buildings, the canalised River Witham, and the orientation of pre-1500 drainage infrastructure, combine to from a complex townscape.

The River Witham, which is bridged at three points, is a strong linear feature in the Character Area around which streets are orientated both perpendicularly and parallel to the channel. The area contains a large number of landmark buildings, including the two main market buildings, the Waterside Centre and High Bridge. St. Swithin’s spire is also a conspicuous feature to the east of the area.
The Character Area is composed of large urban blocks, which extend outside of the area, integrating the area with those surrounding it. Building density is high and building scale varies, broadly decreasing away from High Street.
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Sincil Street with the market on the left hand side and retail units on the right.

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Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.22781, -0.53875)
Character Area Type: Commercial
Location: City centre
Predominant Period: Late Victorian/Edwardian (1869 to 1919 AD)
Secondary Period: Post-railway Expansion (1846 to 1868 AD)
Average Building Type: Attached buildings
Average Building Density: High