St. Matthew's


The townscape of St Mathews Character Area (view detailed map) is laid out along the simple intersection of two main roads with many cul-de-sacs leading off them. Although there are good vehicle connections to north and south via Boultham Park Road and east and west via Dixon Street, the Character Area mainly consists of separate areas of residential developments, within a Character Area that is itself surrounded by industrial areas and ‘out-of-town’ retail parks to north, west and east. In addition, the large impermeable urban blocks within the Character Area, the boundary to the east formed by the Witham, and areas of very different townscape make the Character Area difficult to get around on foot or to access from some parts of the city. Furthermore, these factors create a Character Area that does not have a coherent form or centre and does not have a clear, distinct character. This is in part due to the varied suburban townscape reflecting changes from early 19th century through to the 21st century, many of which have been carried out with limited reference to earlier developments.

The current character of St Matthews has been influenced by many developments from the 19th century onwards. In the early years of the 19th century the Ellison family’s private drive to Boultham Hall ran through this Character Area across enclosed fields and the Catchwater Drain. The arrival of the railway in the 1880s preceded the building of terraced housing in the north of the Character Area and later semi-detached housing further south, initially concentrated along Boultham Park Road. Housing in the Character Area continued to expand gradually with small pockets of infill development during the mid 20th century before the removal of the railway in 1985 paved the way for some quite large areas of infill development.

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Semi-detached properties on Glenwood Grove. The properties have pay windows on the ground and first floor in the middle part of the property, which juts out slightly.

Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.21892, -0.55361)
Character Area Type: Residential
Location: Inner suburbs
Predominant Period: Late Victorian/Edwardian (1869 to 1919 AD)
Secondary Period: Modern (1967 to Current day)
Average Building Type: Mixed
Average Building Density: Medium