Upper Witham Valley


Upper Witham Valley Character Area (view detailed map) is a mosaic of open spaces including woodland, river, smaller watercourses, allotments, agricultural land, scrub and grassland. This mosaic changes in character from north to south with allotments and more urban uses to the north, wooded and grazed areas in the centre and open farmland extending into the Lincolnshire Fen to the south. This continuous green ‘corridor’ brings the countryside into the City.

The watercourses, including the River Witham and several associated drains, with their associated footpaths and cycleways, create linear features in the landscape. There is a range of uses in the area including walking and cycling for leisure, a transport corridor into the City, allotments, grazing and farming.

The ecology of the area is also varied, with a range of habitats and species. The river and drains contain many aquatic and wetland species such as shining pondweed, common duckweed, Nuttall’s waterweed and water-plantain. There are also areas of woodland, allotments, horse-grazed land, scrub and remnants of an orchard.

 Views within and out of the area are very impressive, especially the views of the Cathedral and north escarpment which give a sense of approaching the City, as well as the linear views along watercourses, in particular the River Witham and views to open countryside from the south.
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Although the river is a green corridor with a rural character, views on to the Cathedral are a frequent reminder of the Character Area’s proximity to the city centre

Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.2026, -0.55458)
Character Area Type: Open/Undeveloped
Location: Outer suburbs
Predominant Period: Early Industrial (1750 to 1845 AD)
Secondary Period: Modern (1967 to Current day)
Average Building Type: N/A
Average Building Density: Very Low