Witham to High Street


Witham to High Street Character Area (view detailed map) is located at the bottom of the Witham Valley, and has strongly defined boundaries including Sincil Dyke to the south, the River Witham to the west, and the rear of High Street properties to the east. The townscape is a product of industrial and residential development from the mid-18th century onwards. The varied size and shape of development plots in the area is a result of comprehensive development and re-development of discrete medium/large parcels of land, the boundaries of which frequently incorporate a former medieval burgage system of land division.

The Character Area lies to the rear of properties along High Street, a combination of two former Roman Military [60-90 AD] roads, Ermine Street and the Fosseway, which merged near the junction at Sibthorp Street. High Street lies on an earlier Roman causeway raised above wetland along the River Witham. The river itself forms the western boundary of the Character Area. Consolidation of wetland between the Roman Military and Early Modern [1350-1750 AD] Eras, attested to by the level topography throughout the area, displaced the River Witham further towards its current position in the west. 

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Surviving terraced houses at 1-5 Alfred Street dating to the Post-Railway Expansion Period. The properties are fairly plain in decoration and built from red brick with stone plinths bellow windows.

Key Statistics

Latitude/Longitude: (53.2195, -0.54675)
Character Area Type: Residential
Location: Inner city
Predominant Period: Late Victorian/Edwardian (1869 to 1919 AD)
Secondary Period: Modern (1967 to Current day)
Average Building Type: Terraced
Average Building Density: High