Swimming Pools

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LARA Record Number 11.79


As early as 1852 there had been public pressure for the city to provide a bathing pool to supplement the various bathing stations on the river (Hill 1974, 224). In 1874 'an apology for a bath' was opened between Fossdyke and the Racecourse but it was not popular and was too far away. Even so this early site is likely to be of some interest. Was it really as crude and unhygienic as was claimed, for example, and were the campaigners right to continue pressing for a better site? The issue became highly contentious as the expenditure of Council funds on such a scheme was questioned and it was not until 1908 that a fully equipped, though still open-air, bath complex was provided on the Witham bank north-east of Boultham, near the water-treatment works (Boultham Baths). At about the same time a small public baths was formed within part of the former open-air reservoir north of the Water Tower in Chapel Lane. There were also private baths of various types, including The Lindum Swimming Bath, 30 Lindum Road, the Public Baths at the corner of 97 Monks Road and Baggholme Road and Dominico Alfred D'Ascanio's Hydropathic Bath at 47 Tentercroft Street. These last three appear to be fascinating examples of local luxury and possibly other services. These sites offer archaeological potential for understanding better the social mores of Edwardian society. We can learn about the segregation of society by both class and sex from such sites as well as place the Lincoln baths within the spectrum of technical sophistication amongst sites of this type nationally.

LARA Boundaries

The RAZ components are mapped following the boundaries depicted on various O.S. map editions and includes a 10m wide extension on each side to accommodate buried features not mapped.