The Sobraon barracks

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LARA ERA Industrial
LARA Record Number 11.83


The Militia was merged with territorial regiments in 1871 and, like most county towns, Lincoln was provided with a fully equipped regimental barracks and headquarters on Burton Road; the Sobraon Barracks. They were 'newly erected' in 1890 (Williamson 1890, 131). Like all such establishments the basic design was provided by the War Office and consisted of a massive 'keep' building set near the gateway in a strong perimeter wall which enclosed a grouping of regularly laid-out barracks separated by wide open spaces for munitions and drill. There are also underground bunkers and a hospital complex. Study of the standing and buried remains of the barracks will allow comparisons to be made between this new generation of serious military establishment and its predecessor further down Burton Road. It will also allow this example to be compared with the regimental barracks in other county towns, at which stage the differences and similarities between Lincoln's state of military preparedness and that of other cities will be a matter of considerable interest. Changes to the Sobraon Barracks buildings will represent the growth and development of military provision in the county in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and the impact of mass mobilisation in World Wars One and Two should be easily detectable in the fabric of the different buildings. A valuable research agenda for this category of buildings nationally is provided in Douet 1998.

LARA Boundaries

The RAZ is mapped following the boundary of the barracks enclosure depicted on the 1st edition O.S. map, and it includes a 10m wide extension on each side to accommodate buried features not mapped.